The Ultimate All-In-One Gym System! Build on a platform that grows with you. A sophisticated, modular design ensures fitness for years to come. Carefully planned attach points allow you to add newly developed options over time, future-proofing your investment.

+ Articulating Cable Arms
+ Monolift & Pec Deck
Linear Carriage
H3 Catalyst Bench


In a market chock full of low quality look alikes, it was time for something new. Something remarkable, engaging and fun. Enter the X9 Hybrid Gym. The X9 has created an entirely new category in strength training. We call it the Ultra-Functional Trainer (UFT).

Those of you who have been shopping for fitness equipment lately know it's incredibly confusing with the choices available. It seems you must always compromise, leaving boxes on your list unchecked. Or maybe you start filling your weight room with single station machines attempting to obtain all the functions but run out of space and money!

Let's say you're interested in performing cable exercises with a functional trainer, or elect to purchase a multi station machine with centralized stacks; There is no place for free weights! You can purchase a separate barbell rack but this uses the space you had planned for the treadmill. Further complicating things, the ratios used on many stack machines are not what they seem. One hundred fifty pounds may only yield seventy five pounds of resistance. What happens when you outgrow that?

To obtain your desired functions and resistance you are no longer required to fill your room with different machines. You only need one, the X9 Evolution Hybrid Gym.

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Ultra Functional!

The X9 Hybrid Gym is the Swiss Army Knife and Tesla of fitness equipment. There has never been one gym that can do so many things all in one package. As you start to use the X9 and experience the functional benefits versus a stand alone power rack or cable crossover machine, the real value become more apparent. You begin tapping into your ninja workout skills as you combine different functions...many times without ever getting off the bench. This saves time and accelerates your progress.

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Precision Linear Bearing Carriages

Two independent linear carriages gliding on hardened 60mm precision guide rods create strength training utility unlike anything on the market. These carriages derive resistance in multiple ways- Selectorized stack plates (the most important), Olympic Plates, Bands and Chains. You can attach handles, pads or footplates inside or out from the carriage, quickly creating a variety of exercises.

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Solid Steel Selectorized Stack Plates

Selectorized stack plates provide resistance to multiple cable outlets throughout the X9. Weight resistance adjustments using the magnetic selector pin are often within reach from your seated position on the H3 bench (when included). This setup propels you through your workouts quicker and with greater efficiency than all other fitness machines on the market. Solid steel plates found on the X9 are more expensive but provide clear advantages such as greater density allowing more weight to fit in a smaller space, reducing overall footprint. Additionally, steel will not chip, crack or break like cast iron (or plastic coated cement) commonly found on the majority of gym equipment and functional trainers.


The guiding principle of design at Bodyforce centers on F U N C T I O N. Unlike most large fitness companies, we aren't restricted by the finance and marketing departments. We innovate to make your workouts more efficient while reducing pain points you have dealt with in the past. Here are some other benefits of owning an X9 Hybrid Gym.

A System Designed for You

Unlike many fitness products, the X9 allows you to tailor-make your gym system based upon your specific needs and budget.

You Will Love this Machine

While working out it's easy to get stuck in a rut. Not so with the X9. There are so many available exercises and options, you always have something new to love and explore with more on the way! In fact, we already have several new options in the pipeline!

Monolift/Swing Wing Lockdown

We know some of you have small children around the house. We also know you don't always want to unload the Olympic plates on your barbell in between workouts. Both the Monolift and Swing Wing have barbell hooks that come with a locking pin for that extra measure of safety. This feature also functions as a safety mechanism when loading your bar with hooks in the narrow position.


Look around. Do a google image search for "power rack" or "gym system". What do you see? Hundreds of boring clones with no added features...or even worse, the promotional behemoth of the industry, Bowflex! Nothing new that actually helps improve your workout efficiency. Just lots of marketing gobbledygook. Where's the innovation? At Bodyforce we innovate, not for the sake of innovation but to make the time you spend exercising produce more.

Save Money in the Long Run

Those of us who've been around for a while come to understand that replacing multiple lower quality products over a lifetime ends up costing more than doing it right the first time... spending more money up front for something that lasts. That is the Bodyforce proposition.

Performance Technology

In order to achieve top performance you must use the best parts. Let's take cables and pulleys for example. It's painful to watch the carnage of a 12 month old gym shedding cheap plastic pulleys with cheap cables binding and bearings grinding to a stand still. At Bodyforce we use either aluminum pulleys or plastic combined with 33% fiberglass (the optimal ratio) combined with precision bearings which are carefully pressed into the pulley. Many companies are so micro-focused on lowering cost (especially for home equipment) they go with the cheapest parts available with no thought for the long term. Many purchasers of home gym equipment fall into the same trap. They don't understand the value of quality parts... until they are selling their broken down gym on Craigslist.

Glide forward/backward

One key to saving your shoulders from injury is to avoid lifting heavy weights at angles that torque your shoulders. With the Bodyforce H3 and H3XL Benches you can glide yourself directly under the barbell, lift directly straight up, glide away from the barbell catches, perform your lift and glide back to the starting position to safely re-rack. It may sound a little strange but this really makes a huge difference on your shoulders. More to come!


At Bodyforce we are huge fans of Supersets, Dropsets and Giantsets. Combining the function of the H3 and H3XL Catalyst Benches with lower Arc Cable Arms on the X9, create transitions that are seamless. The user is able to move from one exercise to the next while seated on the Catalyst Bench.

Seated Leg Press

This a fun and effective exercise on the H3XL Catalyst Bench. With over 4 feet of travel, even those users over 6'5" will not be limited. Add in the rack mounted, adjustable footplates and you are able to get the proper height and angle to target your quads, hamstrings or perform seated calf exercises.

Patent Pending Design

The patent pending H3 and H3XL Catalyst Benches have features no other company can duplicate. In addition to the extendable/retractable "landing gear" the Catalyst Bench has a clever locking system that with a half twist of the wrist locks the bench into place. Likewise, a lift and twist will unlock the bench allowing it to move freely. Being able to go from one to the other quickly helps you power through your workouts more efficiently.

Tailor to your needs

We have talked about tailoring the X9 Hybrid Gym to your needs. The H3 and H3XL Catalyst Benches both share expansion capabilities with numerous options to choose from. This allows you to target specific goals.

Save Time

We keep driving this point home because it's at the heart of what makes an effective gym system...your ability to get in and get out quickly and reap the benefits. The H3 Catalyst Bench by itself is a great product. When joined with the X9 Hybrid Gym, you are able to realize even more benefits with their combined effect working together. This will be illustrated in upcoming Bodyforce videos (after obtaining a unit from our first production run).

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Strength that matters! Here are a few areas where the X9 really shines.


Commercial Gym’s come and go. Some are quite expensive, especially if you have a family. They have their own rules, hours, policies and procedures. Purchasing a quality gym for your home is a smart lifetime investment. Not enough space? You might consider using garage space when deciding when and where to work out.


Deciding what fitness equipment to purchase can be very confusing. At the low end of the scale there are cheap, disposable products littering eBay and Craigslist. Guess what? People, get rid of products because they are broken, don’t work well or did not engage the user, providing poor results. Bodyforce believes tailor-made solutions are the answer.



Purchase the best tools for your trade. This is a value proposition. In so doing, you will round out any task with greater speed and efficiency. A quality set of tools will carry you further, faster and be a reliable companion for years to come. Save if you must, but always choose the best tools for the job.

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“If something stands between you and your success, move it. Never be denied.”

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“You dream. You plan. You reach. There will be obstacles. There will be doubters. There will be mistakes. But with hard work, with belief, with confidence and trust in yourself and those around you, there are no limits.” - Michael Phelps, swimmer and 18-time Olympic gold medalist

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Got questions? We’ve got answers. Feel free to send us an email to info@bodyforce.com See common questions already submitted below.

What Amount of Space Do I Need to Fit an X9 Hybrid Gym Into My Room?

Suggested minimum horizontal space for fixed cable arms is 10 feet. Suggested minimum horizontal space for 2D articulating cable arms is 12 feet. Suggested minimum horizontal space for 3D Articulating Cable Arms is 12 feet. Suggested minimum depth of room (front to back) is 13 feet. Suggested minimum room height for normal X9 operations is 8 feet (If you place pull-up handles in the low position and select fixed cable arms minimum height can be reduced). Minimum room height to insert 2D arms is 8 feet. Minimum room height to insert 3D arms is 9 feet (we are looking at an alternate installation method that may reduce this height). These distances above are all minimum values. More space will give you greater freedom of movement.

Where Can I See Videos or a Review of the X9 Hybrid Gym?

We were going to shoot some HD video of our prototype but then elected to wait for the production units underway to avoid confusion. As soon as we receive a production unit, we will be creating videos that articulate the many benefits the X9 and H3 have to offer. John Stone of JohnStoneFitness will also be receiving one of these units and is planning on doing a thorough review. I understand he may take some video as well. If you know John, he will be going through everything with a fine tooth comb.

What Colors are Available for the X9?

Right now the X9 will come standard in metallic silver with black shrouds. The bench will also come in metallic silver with black upholstery. We have found this to be the most aesthetically pleasing combination. Other color options may become available in the future (ie different color shrouds or upholstery) for an additional fee but those options likely will not be available until late 2017.

How Does the X9 Hybrid Gym Compare to the Titan (Titax) T1 or T3?

Although we designed the X9 Hybrid Gym to compete with all products in the premium strength training category the Titan sometimes gets singled out for comparison due to a few similarities. Dollar for dollar we beat the Titan products in virtually every category. Function, design, efficiency, quality, metal gauge, removable bench, walk through design (Titan has a heavy carriage system with cross-section as well as metal tubing permanently bolted right where you would walk in the middle of the machine), selectorized weight stacks (not found on the Titan), articulating 2D and 3D cable arms in the high position and 180 Arc Cable Arms in the low position found only on the X9. The Titan has two fixed cable arms up high and two fixed pulleys in the low position. The Titan does not have the ability to move the low pulleys from narrow to wide or high to low, which is a valuable function. We believe a workout on the X9 is more seamless, requiring less time routing cables, etc. Although we do use some manual cable segments (ie modular pec deck, leg press resistance multiplier, leg developer and carriage bridge/tethering), the core cable system is always connected and ready to go...you can always walk up, select your weight and start exercising. Not so with the Titan. Our footplates and multi-function pad have angle adjustments. The Titan does not. The Titan Pec Deck resistance curve- heavy start easy finish, is opposite from that desired. The X9 resistance curve is consistent. The list could go on. While the Titan is a decent machine overall, it is no match for the X9. Lastly, the Titan styling, in our humble opinion, looks dated. We feel the custom D-shape tubing and design of the X9 is cutting edge and leads the pack in the looks department. The X9 will not go out of style anytime soon. Note: we will be creating a comparison table measuring the X9 against 20+ of the most popular premium strength machines on the market. Keep checking back for more info.

Is This Going to Be Your Website Going Forward?

This is a temporary website we are using to get information out in a responsive (mobile friendly) format while a new, expanded website is being created. Please keep checking www.bodyforce.com (the domain of our old website). This is where the new website will be published. More details will be posted there.

When Will the First X9 Hybrid Gym's Be Delivered?

Current orders will be delivered in January. Orders received through the end of the year will be delivered in Feb or March. If you are thinking about ordering, the sooner the better as it gets you into the Que. This allows us to begin production of your X9 and get you a higher priority for delivery.

What is the Warranty on an X9 Hybrid Gym?

Bodyforce warrants our products to the original purchaser to be free from defects in workmanship and/or materials under normal use or service. If at any time a component part is defective, Bodyforce shall repair or replace it (at Bodyforce’s option) within a reasonable period of time. BODY/FRAME: Lifetime of the original purchaser. STRUCTURAL MOVING PARTS: 5 Years. BEARINGS, BUSHINGS, PULLEYS: 3 Years. COATING, CABLES, EXTERIOR UPHOLSTERY AND ACCESSORIES: 1 Year. Please see Warranty Page for more details once our new website has been published.

I Have Looked At the Various Packages. Will You Be Creating a Chart Showing Muscle Groups for Each Attachment?

Yes. A lot of this will be done through videos. We will also have a chart illustrating muscle groups worked with various exercises and options.

Are the Rubberized Weight Plates I See On Your Website Available For Purchase?

These will become available in 2017. In the mean time we can arrange delivery of some other high quality Olympic weight plates to your location (USA only).

What's the difference between Barbell Hooks and Barbell Rests?

Barbell Hooks are placed on the swing wing. They are shaped like a hook. They have a locking mechanisms on top to prevent the barbell from coming off the hooks in between lifts or when loading/unloading Olympic Plates. Barbell Rests insert into the front inside of the frame. This is another location to do barbell work. The Barbell Rests come with UHM plastic that protects the knurling on your barbells.

Where does the Lower Crossbar (Swing Wing) go?

The lower crossbar slides onto the Swing Wing. It has insert point for the Multifunction Pad, Dips Handles, VKR arms and other options currently under development.

Can You Clarify How the Rear Legs Are Used?

To maximize the flexability of the X9, the front and rear legs were made optional (bolt on design). Some customers with less space can choose to not purchase the rear legs and place their X9 closer to a rear wall for example. If you intend on using the Gun Rack, Monolift, Cable Arms or Pec Deck at the rear of the machine you will want the rear legs. They provide extra support.

Can You Clarify what "Telescoping Support (H3 & H3XL Bench)" Is For?

Both Catalyst Benches glide (using rollers) forward and back on guide rods. As the rolling part of the bench moves into the aft position, the center of gravity shifts. The Telescoping Support prevents the bench from tipping when it gets to extreme aft position. For those using the gliding aspect of the Catalyst Benches, it is recommended to purchase the Telescoping Support.

How Does the " Counter Weights For Linear Carriage System" work?

To offset the weight of the heavy duty carriages, the Counter Weights are used. Each Counter Weight is formed out of solid steel. They travel on a 19mm guide rod inside the frame tubing where they are out of sight. By using the counter weights, the effective carriage weight (with no attachments) is reduced to roughly 15 pounds. Without Counter Weights, each carriage starting weight is roughly 45 Lbs. If you anticipate users that benchpress less than 135 Lbs it is recommended to purchase the Counter Weights.

What's the difference between the 2D Articulating Cable Arms and 3D Articulating Cable Arms?

The 2D Articulating Arms are able to change positions laterally, anywhere from the front to the back of the X9. The 3D Articulating Arms cover a similar range but also have a secondary arm that rotates vertically 360 degrees, similar to a clock. This allows lateral and vertical adjustments.

Is the Pec Deck the same height as the 2D/3D Articulating Cable Arms?

The Pec Deck is a slightly lower height than both articulating arms.

What's the Relationship Between the Gun Rack and the Monolift ?

They both attach at the rear of the X9. You would purchase one or the other, but not both. Primary use is squats but the Monolift can go lower for Benchpress as well.

Are the Cage (Stabilizer Ball) & Stabilizer Ball (45CM) required to use the Peck Deck.

These are not required to use the Pec Deck. You can effectively use the Pec Deck without these. However, they are useful for supporting your body to add stabilized targeting to your workouts while performing Pec Deck or Cable Exercises. Note: The Swing Wing at the front of the machine accepts these stabilizing attachments as well. Note: these items have been replaced with a D-shape pad, which serves the same function. The itemized list of parts will be updated to reflect this.

How are the Swing Wing and Monolift Different?

The Monolift attaches at the back of the X9, the Swing Wing attaches at the front of the X9 (locks onto Safety Spotters). The primary function of the Monolift is squats/benchpress and stabalization. The Monolift as a system and also arms separately can adjust in height. The Swing Wing also allows squats and benchpress but other attachments as well. By placing the Lower Crossbar on the Swing Wing, other items such as Dips Handles, VKR, Multifunction Pad can be attached. Future items under development can also be plugged into the Swing Wing. The Swing Wing is height adjustable through the arms. To adjust the height of the Swing Wing, the Safety Spotter height would need to be changed. The standard configuration for the X9 has the Safety Spotters always in the highest position and normally there is no need to move the Swing Wing system higher or lower. The Swing Wing has two separate locking discs to adjust arm angle. The Monolift has a single locking disc.


Please take a look at the tech specs. Let us know if there is any specific measurements you would like us to provide.

X9 Dimensions (Base Frame)

X9 Dimensions (Fixed Cable Arms)

X9 Dimensions (Articulating Cable Arms)

This Will Be the Year You Attain Your Fitness Goals!

Regardless of whether you purchase a Bodyforce product or not, commit to make 2017 the best and fittest year of your life. You can do it!

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